Walking to the Car

A common question I get asked when I someone finds out I live aboard, especially in the winter, is how do I get to my car. I think they imagine me anchored miles from shore in the middle of the ocean. 

The truth is, walking to the car is just part of the routine. While people who keep their vehicles in attached garages might think this is an extremely uncomfortable way to live, it's really not that different from people who live in row houses in cities. With a row home or town home, you need to find street parking. Sometimes the street parking is blocks away from your house, and you will need to walk a bit of a distance to get from home to your car. 

The biggest difference between a town home and a boat home is the walk from a town home is down city side walks while the walk from a boat home is down a pier. In the winter, when the wind is blowing harder and the frigid wind cuts through your coat, it may seem a bit extreme! Moments like this simply teach you to dress properly so that you can stay warm on your walk down the pier. Once you have the basics covered, walking to your car to go to work in the morning becomes part of the awesome routine that is living aboard!