Dinghy Choices

Most people will quickly picture some kind of vessel when they think of a dinghy. The truth is, a dinghy can be anything as long as it can meet your needs! While some will splurge to purchase a RIB from Zodiak, this purchase should not hold you back from casting off the docklines and living your dream!

We have encountered many cruisers along our short voyage and seen a wide variety of dinghies. While almost all of them are inflatable dinghies with an outboard on the back, there are still many more options.  

A lot of people use kayaks, as they are light weight, easy to handle, and can carry a considerable payload in them. This is great if you just want to get to shore and return with groceries, which is what a dinghy is most often used for!  

Along these lines, we met one person who is using an inflatable kayak that he bought for $50! He needs no fuel, and it deflates to take up almost no space. At the same time, a new 9.5 inflatable from AB Inflatables would cost you $5,000, and this doesn't even include the outboard motor. 

Don't let the debate about what dinghy you need to have to go cruising because any dinghy that gets the job done is perfect! All you need to do is find something that is within your budget and you will be good to go.