The People You Meet

They say that low tide is when you can find the really odd things in the mud flats, but I think that the really interesting ones live just above the high tide line!

When we are anchored out, we come across cruisers who are also on the hook. These people are fun to talk with as we all have a common interest at heart and have managed to get our yacht to this body of water ourselves.  

When we are near marinas though, that's where the real gems can be found. It seems that marinas attract all sorts. There are the sailors who flush money at their yacht to keep it in pristine condition, and then there are those who you wonder how they can manage to keep that derelict afloat. Sadly, these people seem to represent the mental image of a "Liveaboard", with a tarp over the boom to keep the rain off the window air conditions that is hacked into the companionway. The boats don't appear too functional and the people in them can be a bit, odd... 

While most marinas will have one or two "liveaboards" the marinas that have a yard attached to them have the real pearls! We came across one such person whose only dream was to go cruising. He bought a Hunter sailboat for $1,000 and wants to sail it around the world. This becomes clear because every time you see this person, you will hear them telling everyone they meet about their boat and how they want to sail around the world. 

While this person has good intentions to go cruising, they keep placing obstacles in their way. Every cruiser that they declare their proclamation to asks them the same question: "When do you leave?" This then brings up the fact that the boat is on the hard, and that they have no idea how to sail. When the cruiser tells them to take some sailing lessons, or better yet, launch the boat and then learn, the hard dweller begins to list all the reasons that they can't leave yet.  

The most frustrating part of this encounter was that all the advice given to them (ironically, it was all the same advice coming from many different people who do not know each other) was discarded as the list of obstacles was reinforced.  

If you want to go cruising, go now. If you have to work to pay off your car, ask yourself how you are going to use the car while you are cruising. After you answer this, sell the vehicle and go cruising now! If you hate the job you are working and can't wait to sail off into the distance, then quit your job and go cruising! 

All of the obstacles listed by this person could be easily remedied by stopping everything and simply going cruising now. 

I find it frustrating to see someone who really wants to go but holds themselves back from the dream they desire the most. Life is short, and you better enjoy it while you have it!