Cruiser Plans

Most people we encounter ask us where we are going next, and that is a very difficult question to answer! While we do have a "next destination" which is Bermuda, we do not really know were we might end up next!

When we leave Deltaville, VA, we will exit the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and then head south to escape the cooler weather that seems to have enveloped this latitude. As we head south, riding the descending cold fronts, we will be pushed down the coast as we wait for another weather window, this time to cross the Gulf Stream. So, as we head south, we will have Bermuda on our left, and the eastern seaboard on our right! If we start to run low on provisions, we can always make a right turn and pull into any port along the coast to stock up or ride out a severe storm that might crop up on the area. If we feel we are prepared to make the 700 mile leap with the supplies we have onboard, then we can easily turn left and shoot over to Bermuda!  

But what if the winds never turn in favor of crossing the Gulf Stream, eventually we will run out of eastern seaboard to sail past, but this problem is actually a huge gift. If we sail south far enough, we will find ourselves in the warm state of Florida, the natural desitination for snow bird cruisers who migrate south to avoid the chilling winter. Here we would be able to play around in the Keys and enjoy the island life in the tropics for a bit while winter rages on up north.  

From this point, if the winds look favorable, we could always scoot over to the Bahamas and enjoy (what we have been told) to be some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. 

This season has had some interesting weather, and the passage to Bermuda has frequently be fraught with horrible storms that seem to sit around the island, making landfall a treacherous feat. So, if the weather does not wish to cooperate, and we find ourselves stuck somewhere as we wait for Bermuda to become approachable, we might as well be some place warm!