Costs to Live Aboard

Living aboard a boat is exactly what you want it to be and its price will match accordingly. There are those who enjoy the creature comforts and pay to have these features set up in their boat. On the contrary, there are those who insist on living boat life with very minimal creature comforts and keep their boat set as a boat that they live in, all while costing them very little in the process.

The flexibility of living the way that you want is as wonderful, as is the cost of doing so. There are those who live on million dollar yachts and who pay exorbitant amounts of money to keep their yacht looking pristine. They will have professional crews detail their yacht a few times a year and have repair crews working on their boat constantly to keep all the complex systems that keep breaking down in operational condition.

Then there are those who live on smaller boats that they acquired for either next to nothing or even free, yes, some people actually give away their boats for free! These people do not have the lavish and costly maintenance costs that the owner of the mega yacht has, and they live a life on the water with minimal expenses right beside their costly bretheren. The beauty of the situation is you can live a life that you can comfortably afford without stretching your wallet too far. This lets you live a comfortable life right on the water.

Since you can choose how expensive you want your life to be, you also get to choose how you want to spend your money. When Maddie and I have more money on hand, we find ourselves eating out more often. We will go to restaurants and order drinks and appetizers. When we find our funds a bit tighter, we cook in more often and are much more frugal with our spending.