Choosing Where to Live Aboard

When you think about living on a boat, you probably imagine someone sitting in their cockpit while sipping on margaritas with their boat anchored next to a sunny beach lined with palm trees. While this style of life aboard exists, it is not the only way to live on a boat.

Most people liveaboard in marinas, tied to a pier next to large cities. These cities are located in various latitudes, fluctuating from equatorial regions where it is summer all year long, all the way up to higher latitude regions which will expose liveaboards to brutal winters. Deciding where you want to live will also carry along the climate you will live in. 

To make your boat as comfortable of a home as possible, appropriate steps need to be taken to make sure that you will be well prepared to live in a comfy climate all year round. If you are close to the equator, air conditioning will prove very valuable. If you live in a more temperate climate, an air conditioner with reverse cycle will be a worthy feature to invest in. If you live in an area where the winters are fierce, a powerful heater will be crucial to your winter comfort levels.

Living aboard tied up to a marina is not much different from living in a town house. You have to park in a parking lot and walk a bit to get to your boat. The walk will be exposed to the elements, but your boat will be a comfortable escape where you can relax and be cozy. 

Proper planning and preparation will make living aboard just as comfortable as living on land. When connected to shore via a pier, all the comforts of land based life are just a few steps away while also granting you all the advantages of living on a boat.