Zipper Maintenance

Dodgers, sail covers, and canopies all rely on zippers to operate. Zippers also allow you to add panels to keep sun or weather out of your cockpit. All of these features require the zipper to function effortlessly, letting you easily position two portions of canvas and slide the zipper to unite them.

Exposure to salt spray and UV degradation can make a zipper anything but effortless. When you are adding a canvas cover to your cockpit and it is sunny and hot, the last thing you want to be doing is struggling with a zipper as you bake in the heat! You stand there knowing that once you get this zipper working, your life will be so much better. You will be able to relax in the shade, shielded from the elements, as soon as this stubborn zipper decides to slide!

Simple maintenance can provide years of flawless and easy utility to your zippered enclosures. Simply spray silicon spray onto the zippers to keep them sliding smoothly. It is recommended to use this spray at least once a year to keep zippers operating with ease, but if your zippers are old and chalky, more frequent applications can prolong the inevitable replacement of them.

A simple shot of silicon spray will keep your zippers sliding easily, giving you more "happy years" out of your zippers.