Change of Plans

Maddie and I were talking, and we decided to revise our cruising plan. Our original plan was to sail to North to Nantucket during the summer of 2017, and then head to the Caribbean during the spring of 2018 for a year. 

The idea of sailing North was to test out sailing to a far away destination that is still part of the continental United States on our own boat. This was so that our parents could feel safer about us heading offshore to the Caribbean the following year. After sailing North, and hopefully to Nantucket, we would then be better prepared to head to the Caribbean for a year during 2018. 

The truth is, we will never be fully prepared. There is always something else that needs to be done, and something new will always break and need to be repaired. Since there is never a perfect time to go, why wait for it if it will never come? So instead, we are going to cast off in the Spring of 2017 and head South to the Caribbean for a year. If we find that we really need something, we will pick it up along the way. 

The changing of the seasons is much more meaningful to me, as they denote the passage of time until we leave. I know that it will continue to get colder as time goes on, but once it begins to warm up, we will be casting off for new horizons!