Favorite Place on a Sailboat

If you are in the market for a new boat, you might be looking at things like SA/D, Sail plans, Keel design, LOA, and Draft. These are all important features in a boat, but you should also look at the cozy places on the boat.

These are the places where you will feel at home while underway. No matter how big a boat is, there will always be a place where you like to spend the days. You should make sure they are both available inside and outside of the boat.

The inside one should be very cozy, a place that you can curl up with a good book or watch a movie while eating a snack. On Wisdom, we prefer the starboard settee in the salon: it has a table, a fire place, and a hatch. You can easily make it warmer or cooler, more or less light, and with the addition of pillows, more cozy!

Outside should be a place where you can still keep watch, have quick access to the helm, and be really comfy. On Wisdom, we dub this location "The Throne". Maddie likes to lay down here with pillows and a blanket (to keep the sun from burning her) and watch the clouds go by during the day, and the stars by night. When the sails are balanced, I will join her in the throne as we watch the world go by.

From the throne, you can easily keep an eye on the depth sounder, chart plotter, and compass. You can also see if any ships are approaching, making this a great place to keep watch while relaxing.

The comfy spots listed are unique to Wisdom. Everyone I know (who likes their boat) has a favorite inside and outside spot, and they are all different. When you are looking at a boat, try to find the comfy spot in the boat and try it out before you sign any papers. If you can't find a spot that feels comfortable to you, maybe you should look on to other boats that are comfortable to you!