How to Spot a Cruising Boat

When you see different boats in an anchorage, how do you know which one is a liveaboard cruiser? 

By the amount of junk on their deck!

When your whole world is in the boat, your deck tends to accumulate items that are needed but are too large to fit inside.

Our deck at anchor holds:

Sculling Oar
and Spare Lines

The sails are located on their stays, flaked and rolled up on the foredeck.
The hammock is strung between the mast and inner-forestay.
The fenders are deployed for friends that are coming to raft up. 
The gangplank lives on the port side-deck.
The sofas are positioned in their most comfortable locations.
And the lines are coiled and stowed on the davit arms.

All together, Wisdom looks a bit different from the weekend coastal cruisers that come out for the afternoon. 

While all this gear may seem like it clutters the deck, it does make for a comfy living situation! While underway these items are all secured and put away, but when anchored for a few days in a quiet and relaxing creek, they seem to pile up into a comfy home afloat.