We're Getting Married!

Maddie and I are getting married today! 

We met on Tinder 2 years ago and she moved aboard right away (per my request). It was a rough adjustment for her at first, transitioning from living in a land house with lots of space to a narrow sailboat. 

The first year was a mixed bag, there were fun times when we would relax on the deck, and then there were the not-so-fun times when we were re-powering and on the hard. We worked on projects together, like when she helped me paint Tooth after I finished building him, or choosing the colors for the synthetic rigging on Wisdom.

During her first year, she learned the basics of sailing and came to trust Wisdom through all sorts of weather. Then we set off on a month long sailing trip out into the ocean where she really fell in love with sailing!

It was on that trip that I proposed to her and we became engaged.

One year after that, and a lot of planning later, we are getting married. We will tie the knot and start our journey as a married couple. I figure if we can live together in a small boat, we must be compatible. 

I always maintain one rule on the boat, I am captain and she is Admiral! Following this simple chain of command, we work very well together and make decisions as a couple in a way that makes both of us happy. I look forward to a long lifetime of cruising together.