Installing the Rafters

The structure is now rather flimsy with all that weight aloft and hardly any support to it. The structure wracks in the wind since it lacks support from the roof.  The rafters will connect to the ridge beam and tie them to the wall frames. On a boat, these rafters are analogous to futtocks leading to the chine log.

The rafters are connected to the ridge beam with strong-ties and to the wall frames with hurricane anchors. The rafters are set 24" O.C. with exception to the butt block bolts. The rafters near the change in pitch of the roof are doubled to give each point more strength as the roofs change pitch.

The trusses sit a bit lower than the rest of the rafters to allow a sandwhich plank to be set between the truss and plywood roof to add the extension.

The tiny house is starting to take shape as it looks more and more like a house. Later on, boards that will be analogous to floors in a boat will be installed in the rafters below the ridge beam to tie them all together and make the structure even stronger!