Maddie and I grabbed a mooring ball in Annapolis, Maryland for the night and rowed to shore for a delicious meal of epic quantities at Chick and Ruth's Delly . Annapolis is very boat focused, after all it is considered the sailing capital of the world (by people who live and sail out of Annapolis); so each street ends in a dinghy pier. 

This is wonderful because you can take your dinghy to the street you want to walk on, tie up, and walk to your destination!  

Our dinner destination is located on Main St., and the dinghy pier is located at the end of Ego Alley, an alley where the biggest, flashiest, most extravagant boats go to show off.  

Tied up on the sides of ego alley were immaculately restored wooden motor yachts, 70 foot sleek yacht with under water lights, and cigarette boats; all glistening in the lights from the city.  

Up ego alley we went, in our wooden row boat I built two years ago. The paint is chipping, the bottom paint is almost gone, and the oar locks squeak on each stroke.  


Sailors always arrive in style!