Sailing Corgi


Morty is an experienced sailing dog: he grew up on a sailboat and has been sailing since he was a 8 weeks old. At the age of 3, you can tell his favorite parts of sailing are. 

He will sit out in the wind, smelling the air that blows over our boat as we power through the waves. He sifts through scents from beyond the horizon while resting in his comfy seat on the deck. 

The massive rope fenders are a new favorite place for him to relax. He likes to lean into them when he goes forward on the deck. I think he feels comforted by their size and weight. Before the fenders, he would snuggle up in a jib that was flaked on the bow. He was only able to do this if the jib (Josh) was not raised. Under full sail, he would need to find something else to snuggle up to.  


He will  always have us when he needs some pets, and we are easy for him to find on board the boat while underway!