Storing the Sculling Oar

The sculling oar is very useful, and it is very big! At 16 feet long, this oar is a bit of a challenge to store. I have many lines running on the deck with all the sails and I always worry that the oar will foul a line. 

Getting the oar out of the way has become a high priority for us. I decided to tie it to the lifelines that way it is available for use when needed but out of the way when not. At 16 feet in length, finding a span that was straight enough and out of the way proved difficult. The shrouds were my first logical choice, but the curvature of the hull was too great in this region. The oar was also at great risk of getting hooked on a sheet and breaking! 

The next location was the stern, but it would get in the way of the winches and sheets if set horizontally. If set vertically, the oar might be too much windage.

The next option was to set the oar up in the bow area. Tying it to the lifelines, stanchion, and bow rail seemed to get the oar out of the way while being clear of all sheets. It also lays lower than the foot of the headsails, so it would remain completely out of the way.

The oar is neatly stowed on the bow, out of the way but also ready for deployment when needed.