Replacing your Halyard

Replacing your old halyards is a crucial part of maintaining your running rigging.

This halyard was originally white with blue flecks. The owner wanted to reuse the same snap shackle. 

Replacing your halyard is very easy. The steps are simple and easy to carry out.

  1. Tie a messenger line to the lazy end of the halyard
  2. Pull the halyard (and messenger line) through the mast and out the mast head shiv.
  3. Tie the messenger line to the lazy end of the new halyard
  4. Pull the new halyard back through the mast head shiv and through the mast

That's all you need to do to install a new halyard! If your old halyard is looking worn, don't hesitate to remove it and replace it.

The most important thing in this process is to properly secure your messenger line to the end of the halyard so that they don't separate part way through the replacement.

The messenger line is stitched to the core and the cover is sewn to the end, allowing us to pull it back out if needed. This makes a very secure and fair connection that wont bind on anything inside the mast during the process.