Islander 36 Conversion: Port Side

The owner was gaining confidence aloft and was working much faster than before. In one day, he managed to remove everything from the port side and install all the new stays! 

The jib halyard was attached to the forward lower deadeye and tensioned with the mast winch. Installation was proceeding quickly until we ran out of lashing line. We were only able to attach the cap shrouds when we ran out of line. The lowers were tied to a cleat on the mast to keep them out of the way and out of harm as this day was blowing nearly 30 knots.

The gantline was attached to the lifeline to keep it from swinging in the wind and bashing into the mast and rigging. It was rather difficult to work on the deck of the boat during the severe wind we were having, so the top priority of the day was simply to get everything tied up to avoid it from being windblown and damaged during the gale that was blowing over the area.