Islander 36 Conversion: Cap Shrouds

The starboard cap shrouds were connected quickly and run through the spreader tip grooves. They were then led to the deadeyes attached to the new chainplates that were installed and bedded into the deck.

With the lashings installed and tightened using the genoa winch, proper tension on the stays was achieved. This made the starboard side of the mast well supported and ready to hold him up as the owner worked on the port side of his yacht.

The stays were tightened with slight regard for mast trueness and tension. If I had tightened the stays all the way, the mast would bow to starboard as the port shrouds were slackened. Instead of loading these stays all the way, they were simply brought to enough tension to hold the mast with the weight of the owner on it vertical and in column. 

When you are re-rigging and have half the yacht done, don't tension the stays to perfection yet, instead, just make them tight enough to support the mast while you work on the other side. Once both sides are done, you can then tension everything to perfection in a symmetrical and balanced fashion.