Life Aboard vs Life Ashore

I am currently living in a marina in Baltimore with my fiance on our sailboat. I've been living aboard for 3 years, she for 1 year. We see all different types on boats, some people are friendly, others not so much; but we all get along and help each other out!

One live aboard who moved in recently has overstepped many boundaries though. He gets very drunk everyday and by the late night, comes stumbling down the pier and climbs into the same wrong boat, opens the companionway and finds himself looking at the guy who lives on the sailboat. This is when he is told to leave and he stumbles and falls into his own sailboat. 

The guy who has the unwelcome guest every night is concerned about what would happen if he wasn't there and his girlfriend was home alone when the drunk guy comes in. I know what I would do if this were happening to me and I was concerned about Maddie. My neighbor with this problem is a lot more diplomatic about this issue that I would have been. 

The marina is kicking him out in a few days, and he is going to set sail for Florida from Maryland via the ICW. 

This made me think about the beauty of living on the water. If you don't like your neighbors, it's easy to move away from them.