Summer Cruise Day 18

Once again, we awoke in the marina, peaceful and calm, ready to take Morty to shore to do his business. We walked to a nearby sandwich shop and then made our way towards Virginia Beach by car.

The weather forecast said that a thunderhead would be passing by around the mid afternoon. We could set sail after it passes, but Maddie wanted one more night with air conditioning, so we planned to cast off at the crack of dawn.

Maddie wanted a rematch at Mini Golf, being sore about losing yesterday. 

She lost again! The bet was who ever lost had to buy dinner and the winner got to choose where to eat. We strolled along and came across a Beatles themed restaurant called Abbey Road. 

After that we decided to drive over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel that we just sailed through. There were rest stops along the way where we could park and take in the scenery.

If you decided to do this drive starting on the southern end, be sure to turn around at the last scenic outlook. If you go any further, you have to pay the toll to head back South. That doubles the cost of the drive and you don't see much more. It was fun walking out on the fishing pier on the first part of the bridge. We remembered sailing past it earlier and having all the people on the pier waving at us. Then we stood there with all the people as a boat passed by and they all started waving, yelling out "There's lines in the water!" We instantly felt bad as we realized what had actually taken place.

On the drive, we encountered many seagulls that were hovering just above the guardrail. The strong winds were allowing them to keep flight without moving forwards. This day was awesome, but we were ready to begin our trip up the bay.