Summer Cruise Day 17

Today we were in Norfolk, tied up in a protected marina across from a naval yard.

We spent the morning tied up enjoying the air conditioning and letting the batteries charge up. They suffered a complete discharge while trying to make our way here and were still charging the following morning. 

Morty enjoyed being on shore again, he was protesting our time offshore by pooping in the cabin every night. He usually goes on the port bow, but instead he would hold it all day. If we didn't take him to shore, he would poop right in front of the steps of the companion way. If I cleaned it up during the night, he would poop again! One night he pooped three times!

When his feet touched land that morning, he was so happy! Running and jumping around, peeing on every bush he walked past!

We walked over to the marina office and paid for our days there, then learned that you need a car to get anywhere. When I lived on land and didn't have a car, I always rented from Enterprise since they will pick you up and drop you off, facilitating the rental process. That might be the case in Baltimore, but not in Norfolk. They told me over the phone that the driver wouldn't be able to make it since we were 4 miles away from the rental office. I explained to him that they have a 10 mile pickup radius and he insisted that we were too far away for the driver. I was rather pissed, but they turned out to be the only open rental on Saturday, so I got a cab and rented a car. While standing there, I saw the rental driver sitting in a chair, complaining about how he has to work so much! Then the attendant tells me not to drop my keys off in the box after hours because it is annoying to arrive to work and have all these keys to sort out first thing in the morning! Turns out, the whole store is run by a bunch of lazy people!

Aside from all of these drawbacks, the reason I like Enterprise is you can go in asking for the smallest, cheapest car and get upgraded. They don't seem to stock many cars, so when the car you asked for is rented, they upgrade you automatically. We got a full size car while paying for an econo-compact!

Arriving by boat always makes traveling interesting. You don't get dropped off in the hustle and bustle with everyone else, rather you slip in the side door to the town unnoticed, working your way into the heart of the city. We hopped in the car and drove to the closest movie theater to see "Pixels". It was nice to sit back in an air conditioned room, enjoying the entertainment while eating buttery popcorn after just having spent days out in the ocean miles from land. It made me realize that these small moments are what make life special! We arrived in a new port and instantly found ways to unwind and relax. 

After the movie, we drove to Virginia Beach and played a round of mini golf. We made friends with the people behind us as we played our holes. I had never played golf before, let alone mini golf; so when I won, Maddie blamed it on beginners luck. 

After that, we strolled around until we found a place to eat. We had no schedule, no rush, no commitments; just leisurely passing through. That night we went to sleep in the peaceful calm waters of the marina. We talked about leaving in the morning, but there was a storm passing by the next day, so we decided that we would leave after the storm passed.

Not having a schedule to follow makes sailing switch from stressful to care free! We set the sails and go with the wind. If the wind isn't blowing, we don't move very far. When we feel that we are done moving for the day, we either anchor or heave to. No rush, no stress, and no worries!