Parental Visits

You never get to play tourist in your own home.

Maddie and I have been living in the Azores for 9 months now, yet we have not really traveled much through the islands. We had a 2 week stent in Flores during the winter, and that was about it. On the weekends, we would drive around the island Terceira and see the different sights, but not “Full-Tourist” mode.


Maddies mom came to visit us in the Azores and she came to be tourist with us as her tour guides. This meant that after spending months close to the beautiful island of Sao Miguel, we would finally travel the short flight to that island.

What a beautiful place this is! The island is significantly larger, but the people also have “Big City Syndrome” where they are not as friendly as they are in the other islands of the Azores. It is probably due to the fact that this is the most popular island in the Azores with tourists and the locals in the touristy areas are tired of tourists. Either way, we loved visiting this island and living in Terceira.

Sete Cidades

In the middle of the ocean exists a small island which has a tiny town built in the crater of an extinct volcano. The town is named “Sete Cidades” which means Seven Cities, even though it sits alone in the crater.


I asked the locals about the name and no one had any idea why it was called Seven Cities, but the point is, it rests in the corner of majesty and wonder.

There are two lagoons that are separated by a small bridge. Each lagoon has its own particular flora and fauna, even though they communicate through the bridge abutments.


The lagoon on the left is called the “Green Lagoon” and the lagoon on the right is called the “Blue Lagoon”. While the left one has a slight green tint, it is nowhere near as photoshopped drastic as they appear on the postcards of this place.

The amazing part of this situation is just beyond the crest of the volcanic rim rests the North Atlantic Ocean. One step off the land and you are in the middle of the ocean!

São Miguel: It’s where all the famous pictures are taken

When we first decided to sail to the Azores, Maddie looked up pictures on Google and fell in love with the images.


The volcanic landscape with lakes in the craters were breathtaking!


Turns out, all these pictures were of Sao Miguel. We arrived in Faial in August, then sailed to Terceira where we spent the next 9 months! We had a 2 week excursion in Flores, which was beautiful, but still not the pictures we saw online.

After several months, we finally made our way to Sao Miguel and it was everything we wanted to see. The landscape is mind blowing and the scenery is better than the photos.

New Name!

Wisdom was repainted, and with the new paint means that our old name was sanded off.


The big question was if we should paint or do vinyl letters. I wanted to paint and Maddie wanted to do vinyl letters.

Happy wife, happy life! We went with vinyl, and I’m am very happy with the results.

On the bow, Maddie decided to add our Rigging Doctor logo, in addition to the name. We have a YouTube channel, so making the boat stand out makes it more videogenic.


On the stern, we decided to work around the issue of having a wind steering system.


The old name was written from one side to the other, and the wind steering obscured the whole name.

To solve that issue, we put the name and port on one side of the transom and the logo on the opposite. The goal is to make the transom look clean and neat, while also having the name and port visible from a distance.

Is this real?

The Azores are a wonderland!


Green fields lead right up to the cliff face which plummets straight into the depths of the Atlantic.  


The land is subdivided into small plots where each farmer grows a different crop. Some grow plants, some grow cattle to produce dairy products. No matter the crop, the land is divided into a grid that stretches over the landscape.