I'm Back!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for having been rather sporadic in my posting schedule, or rather completely failing to post to the blog entirely during the month of August.

I’ve had some time to grieve over Sammy and I am now able to get back to doing what I enjoy and find joy in doing what I love.

The blog posts will once again resume their usual daily posting.

To be completely upfront with the technicalities of the blog. When I move between countries and time zones, I am not entirely certain that my blogs come out at the right time. I aim for having them publish at 9am EST, but that might be off by an hour or a few because I may not have the proper time entered into the scheduling program.

See, it was easy to maintain this schedule when I lived in the same state and time zone as the blog. I would write on my computer and schedule it to publish at 9am. Done! Now, we are back and forth between Maryland and Portugal and the time difference is about 5 hours. Throw in Daylight Savings Time and I am totally confused…

So, if the post shows up early or late, just know that I am intending for it to publish at 9am EST.