Deck Rack

I grossly miscalculated how much wood I would need for the Galley Refit. While it is always better to have scrap wood leftover instead of missing wood to complete the project, I kind of really overestimated the amount of wood needed.

What should I do with all this extra wood? Build other things!


Our previous deck rack was made out of iron pipes, some were galvanized, some were not. The galvanized pipes merely spewed rust onto the deck while the plain iron pipes flaked chunks of rust onto the deck. It was not pretty.

The plan with the refit and repaint was to replace the deck rack with one made out of stainless steel because it should offer more resistance to the ocean world we live in. Stainless steel would be expensive and time consuming to make, whereas all of this wood was just laying around!

I laminated the pieces of wood to create a very sturdy and solid rack that is the perfect size to hold our dinghy, bikes, and most importantly: offer me a place to sit and hold on while tucking in a reef.

The feet of the rack are screwed into the legs and the feet are lag bolted to the deck with stainless steel fasteners.

While this rack did consume a lot of the leftover wood, it did not consume all of it. Believe me, there is still wood leftover for many more projects on the boat!