Living Somewhere New

What is the goal of cruising? Is it to sail? Probably not, if your dream is to sail, you will find it easier to attain that goal by joining a local sailing club. The goal of cruising is to live somewhere new, somewhere exiting, and somewhere different.


Sailing helps make these dreams a reality as it provides you with a mobile home that requires no fuel to move great and vast distances. Once you get somewhere, the goal is not to sail around some more, but instead to explore, to hike, and to live there!

We arrived at the Azores, a small Portuguese archipelago, in August 2018 and we are still here now and loving it! When we do finally leave, we will set sail for mainland Portugal, where begin to make our way into the Mediterranean Sea.

Why? To live in amazing places that we could only dream about!

How? Because cruising allows us to do this!