Transatlantic: Day 20 [Day 41]

July 27, 2018 and we are approaching the turning point to head back down to the Azores. It has been 20 days at sea with no sight of land, and if we continue on our current course, we will miss the Azores entirely! We need to turn south, but if we do so too soon, we will get caught in the high again. Too late and we will end up sailing extra miles as we fight the Gulf Stream that is running Easterly in this region of the world.


Being bored on the boat, I played with the little icons again. The windmill is the waypoint that some of Australian friends said would be good wind and the walking man was a waypoint that a friend on shore in the United States said would be a good waypoint for wind. They are both close, but the interesting thing is they are not the same points, even though they were both using Predict Wind to get this information. Makes me wonder if the program gives reliable information or if the different users were simply inputting different information?


The first light house is Flores, the next point, a tree, is Faial (our destination) and the third light house is Terceira. Our Australian friends are currently in Flores and enjoying the wonders of being on land again. We want to check in at Flores to experience the classic “Azores Check-in” and then we have a friend on Terceira that we want to visit once we are checked into the island chain.