Transatlantic: Day 16 [Day 37]

My birthday was yesterday, and the lack of wind continues.


The rest from the race across the ocean was nice, but we are now rested and ready for some wind again.

Maddie has a bit of a melt down because the voyage is supposed to take 18 days (roughly) from Bermuda to Faial, Azores, and we have no wind, no motion, and no idea when the winds will return. To top it off, we are still 800 miles away from the Azores, so if the wind comes back right now, we will still be looking at another 8 days of sailing to make landfall.

If the winds came now, we would be making landfall in 24 days instead of 18 days. And, that was if the wind came right now, but we don’t know when it’s going to come, and that part was hard for Maddie as Day 18 was fast approaching.

After a good cry to vent her frustration, we were able to relax and enjoy the sunset. The tranquility of the ocean would be short lived and we would soon have wind again.