Transatlantic: Day 8 [Day 29]

The date is July 15, 2018, and we are still moving along.

Intelligence is no longer needed, as everything today is the same as it was yesterday, and will be the same tomorrow.

Maddie and I run on 8 hour watch schedules, which gives us a full 8 hours of sleep (a glorious thing to have on the boat) but that also means that your boring watch will feel eternal. Nothing happens, nothing changes, nothingness in all directions.

Then you gaze upwards in despair and witness the splendor of the night sky. Out here, light pollution doesn’t exist and the constellations actually look like the drawings. Nebulous galactic clouds are clearly visible and the same sky that our ancestors mapped is presented before us once again.

Did they once dream of doing what we are doing right now while gazing up at these very stars?