Transatlantic: Day 11 [Day 32]

July 18, 2018. We are still in the middle. Far from land in any direction and yet nowhere at the same time.


We have been moving quickly for over a week and this now feels like our new normal.


The clouds around us are rising again and that means that our winds will not falter. We are moving with the weather so that we can continue to exist in these wonderful conditions of speed and sailing. Bubbles in our wake disappear into the distance before they can pop, we are moving and moving quickly.

The thought always looms in the back of our minds that should we fall over, we would be the bubble left far behind and out of sight in no time. For this reason, we are always clipped in to the boat.

Life on starboard tack now feels normal. For the past 11 days, we have been on this same tack, with the same sails set and at the same angle to the wind. Life out here is just a repeat of yesterday and a preview of tomorrow.