Transatlantic: Day 19

The winds were actually light, and just enough to keep us from drifting west in the ocean current. Speed was not occurring for us, and that was fine. This meant that we would take a little longer to get close to Bermuda and that we would then be reducing our crew count by 1.


Today really wasn’t about setting any records, but it was a gorgeous display of the oceanic world so many never get to experience.


This sunset was once again different from any other day’s sunset. The lighting on the waves was just absolutely perfect!

With this sunset comes the close of this day and the beginning of the the night, when the sky fills with more stars than you can comprehend. While night watch is one of my least favorite times to be at the helm due to the nonexistent visibility of the wind which makes sail trimming a bit tricky, night watch out in the middle of the ocean offers the most spectacular sight up in the sky. Alarms are set not to remind you to look away from your book and check the horizon, but to bring your eyes away from the stars and down to the horizon where you search for little red, green, or white navigation lights; but there never is anyone out here.