Transatlantic: First Week

We spent a week sailing across an ocean, but all we did was circle the northern part of the Bahamas. This is like turning on a Roomba in a room and shutting the door; when you return 5 hours later, expecting the room to be fully vacuumed, you find that everything is still dirty and the Roomba got trapped in a corner!


In this full week, we sailed 398 miles, or an average of 56 miles per day. That is a far cry from our anticipated 80 or hopeful 100 miles per day! Worst of all, this was sailing 24 hours a day. With a crew of 3, we were able to do “4 on - 8 off” watch schedule. Everyone got plenty of sleep while the unlucky person had to sit in the cockpit and stare at the stars reflection in the glassy water!

This is not what we expected when we thought about crossing the ocean. All we have been doing is biding our time as we wait for the right weather to launch our trip, but instead of leaving from a port where we have access to food, water, and entertainment; we are leaving from the middle of the water, where there is no access to any of these things and all our provisions need to be conserved as we appear to be in for a VERY slow crossing.