Transatlantic: Day 6

Despair, hopeless, lost? Yes, this is how we felt. We have been sailing for almost a week and we are bobbing around about a hundred miles from the Eluthra Island chain of the Bahamas. We are not moving, we are not sailing, we are just floating around aimlessly!


The winds that were supposed to come, didn’t come. We are so far away from the Gulf Stream that it feels like it would take another week just to float our way back to it. When puffs of wind come, we get a little speed, and our angry crew member seems mildly apathetic as our speed could be better if the winds would improve. When the winds die away, he becomes belligerent as the lack of wind must be someones fault. Morale is waning as time slips away.

Maddie and I used to play card games in the cockpit in weather like this. The lack of wind means that our cards won’t blow overboard! Instead, we tiptoe around our crew member, trying to avoid setting him off. This eventually leads to Maddie also becoming frustrated, and that makes me frustrated.


Now we have three frustrated people bobbing around in the ocean with no land in sight. Being close to the Bahamas, we encounter a fair number of fishing vessels that motor past us. The larger ones are courteous and gave us weather reports. The information they had was much more detailed than the ones we received with our weather fax, and it would all promise wind tomorrow.

When we tomorrow become today?