Bait for Fishing

If you plan on fishing while out at sea, you don't need to worry about taking bait along for the voyage. Flying fish live a sad life, as everyone wants to eat them. When they are in the water, predatory fish will pick them off and eat them. To escape this fate of certain death, flying fish will take to the sky and fly above the water where they are safe from predatory fish, but fall prey to birds that also love to eat them. 

By day, these little fish will take flight and skim over the surface of the ocean as they escape their inevitable fate. By night, these little fish won't see your yacht and will smack right into it. The force of the impact will knock them out and stun them as they lay on your deck to dry out and die. Every morning, we would find multiple flying fish scattered around the deck which we would then use as bait. 

Preparing the flying fish with hooks turns the flying fish into a "real fish" lure. Unlike plastic lures that merely look like a real fish, you have something that looks like a real fish and smells like a real fish as well! Best of all, you won't have bait smelling up your fridge.