The Wonders of Flight

After we sailed Wisdom across the Atlantic Ocean, we had to hurry home for a family reunion. The sail from the United States to the Azores took about 2 months, and the flight from the United States takes 4 hours and 40 minutes. Amazing!

To add to the spectacularness of the flight, I looked out at the window to observe whitecaps visible from our flying altitude, along with visible wave formations that stretch out as far as the eye can see. I was thinking to myself "man, those waves look nasty!" Even the clouds in the sky are perilous and would have been our signal to reef down as we tried to avoid encountering the storm.

When you are so removed, you can find it hard to mentally bring yourself into a situation. I was trying to imagine what the seas must be actually like on the surface and not from thirty-something-thousand feet away! I was allowed to stop imagining when I saw something familiar on the surface of the ocean. No, it was not a sailboat, they are much too tiny to see from my 5 mile high vantage point. It was a cargo ship, and it was being tossed around. From this high above, it was not possible to see the ship tossing, but it was possible to see the changes in the bubbles of his wake. As he would slam into a wave, white would show up around him and his wake exhibited these large and small white regions from waves since crossed.


If that massive ship is being tossed around, then I know that the seas are violent and nasty on the ocean's surface. Like I said, flying will spoil you!