How To Cross an Ocean: "Nice to Have's"

Crossing an ocean is supposed to be a life goal that will be remembered with fondness, not a horrible torture test of existence. No one wants to hand steer their way across an ocean subsisting only on water and with no sleep! This is where "Nice to Have's" come into play.

Some basic things that are nice to have are electronic charts, a refrigerator, and self steering. This lets you sit back, enjoy fresh food that has been in cold storage while you quickly glance at your phone or tablet and sit back while the self steering holds you on course. 

Pretty much, everything that you think you "Need to Have" actually falls onto this list, while the true "Need to Have's" are only five items. With "Nice to Have's" you can head out to sea with them missing or not functioning, because they make your voyage nicer while not being actually critical to the success of the journey.

Ocean crossing is very relaxing. You can look to the sky to figure out your weather and plan your course accordingly, then you can sit back and enjoy a good book! Fishing is another fun pass time on an ocean voyage, as well as baking and cooking. Be sure to surround yourself with people you want to be with, as you will be with them for the entire trip and there is no chance of escape. 

Plan your voyage as an extended "stay-cation" on the boat. Everyday will feel like you haven't moved because the world around you will always look the same (clouds and waves in all directions) until weeks pass by and you suddenly see land again. Be happy and comfortable on your yacht, for this will be your floating world until you make it to the next port. 

Along the way, stuff will break and you will have to fix it or not use it anymore until you make landfall. Carrying the materials to carry out the repairs is imperative as you will not be able to visit a hardware store to buy parts to fix the broken item.  

Cruising is a lifestyle and ocean crossing is a dream. It's time to live your dreams and enjoy your memories instead of imagining your future!