Sargassum-less Sargasso Sea

The Sargasso Sea is the only sea in the world not bounded by any landmass. It lives nestled inside the North Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda.

The Sargasso Sea is a magical place, where the waters salinity is higher and a special type of floating seaweed originates. Sargassum is an entire world and habitat to tiny sea creatures that float along the ocean in these little rafts of life.

I had read that deep in the Sargasso, the sargassum would become thick and appear as a golden field in the middle of the ocean! The thought of waking up for my watch and stepping outside into the cockpit and seeing a golden meadow fascinated my mind!

As we sailed by Bermuda, I grew excited for the sargassum to become thicker! We would see small streaks of sargassum stretching across the ocean, which made me think we might be getting closer, but we were not.

We crossed the Sargasso Sea and never saw any thick patches. We actually saw more sargassum off the coast of Florida! Alas, we sailed on and exited the Sargasso without getting to experience the magical meadow that floats around in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.