Sailing to Bermuda has been a relatively easy sail in the grand scheme of things. We have had light airs, steady airs, and a little bit of heavy airs, but they have had a steady direction in all cases. For the past two days we have been flying the staysail and double reeder mainsail as we bear to windward.

The monitor windvane has been steering us religiously as close to the wind as we can point while the sails power us along.

It just feels like this tiny island is so close yet so far as we sit here with only waves on the horizon. The sun comes up, the sun goes down, and only waves are in view.

We currently have only 70 miles left to the harbor in Bermuda, but it still feels like forever! All of us on board are planning what we want to eat when we get on shore, but the truth is we only see water as we continue to wait.

Waiting, the most common activity on a blue water passage.