Ocean Sailing Personalities

Everyone has heard of Type A, and Type B personalities. Type A people are high strung go-getters who live their lives by a rigid schedule and everything must be kept at its highest level of performance.

Type B people are laid back and relaxed. If something needs to get done, they will get it done eventually, but it probably won't happen by the deadline. Schedules, to them, are those things that some people talk about, but they don't really know much about them.

A seldom known third type of personality, known as Type C, also exists. Type C people are those that can switch between being Type A and Type B. These people are the true leaders in ocean sailing.

Ocean sailing requires you to earn enough money to buy or build a boat capable of crossing the ocean. This means that you need to get stuff done to hold down a job that will pay enough to do such a feat. Type A people excel at this, as their dream is to work in the fast paced and competitive world of business. They will earn their money and work hard towards getting to their dream. Type B people may dream of sailing across an ocean, but they can never seem to get their act together. This financial roadblock keeps most of them from ever getting the opportunity to go out to sea.

The sad truth is, the best personality to have when out at sea is Type B. Ocean sailing is slow and boring. When there is no wind, there is no forward movement! You simply sit there bobbing around as you wait for winds to come. A Type B person will use this time to relax and enjoy the view, while a Type A person will go absolutely stir crazy! They will see the slow speed and factor it out for the duration of the journey and calculate that they will never make it in time! They set out to sea with a mental arrival date because they need a schedule, and seeing that this calm and relaxing day will lead them to be late; a term that is unacceptable to be used to describe them.

The best personality type for such a crossing is going to be a Type C person. This person can be Type A in the professional world, achieving great accolades and earning enough to purchase a bluewater boat, and then switch to Type B so that they can enjoy the ocean crossing.