Day 9

There's a whole world below our floating home. It's strange to attempt an understanding of an ocean floor that is 3 miles down. We are slowly skimming the surface of a section of our planet that is inaccessible and unknown to us. And yet it is the majority of the Earth.

Today was a good day. We moved consistently East, though quite slowly. We realized that our fishing lure had been lost and replaced it with a new sparkly purple squid. Within a few minutes, a fish had bitten and we pulled it up. It was delicious. I have never caught food and then eaten it. The experience brought us closer to the Ocean in a way that felt very natural. A school of flying squid passed by us while we were napping, and one landed on the deck. We hooked it and used it for bate. A school of tuna also graced us with a show of great power and speed as they arched out of the water and hunted near us. We are relying on two elements during this journey: wind and water, and today, they both provided.