Day 2

We're finally moving at a good pace. The wind was so light today that we put up Dill, but he was limp as often as he was full, so we barely moved. We have to eat all of our veggies before they go bad. I made Avocado chicken, which was easy because there was no wind.

I'm watching. I'm watching the compass, I'm watching the time, the speed, the lights of other boats on the horizon. I'm watching the stars multiply inside the black dome that comes down on all sides, uninterrupted. I'm

Watching the bioluminescence twinkle past the boat. They're too fleeting to be reminiscent of stars in the black waves. They're like glitter caught by a moving light. They remind me that that black ocean is alive and we are skimming over it oblivious to all of the life existing 3,000 feet below the keel.