Weather Forecast

I must admit, sailing in the United States will spoil you. There is internet almost everywhere allowing you to pull up your favorite weather website, and there is above all, NOAA Weather Radio.

WX channels that broadcast the weather in your area and give you updates on winds and waves for the rest of the week!

When you head offshore, you can still pick up these signals and listen to the offshore forecast, further spoiling you as you can listen to what is to come in your general area.

This comfort blanket was quickly stripped away when we entered the Bahamas. They have no weather broadcast system, and internet is not available at all islands. I was forced to look at the clouds to see what was coming in our area and download weather-faxes onto my iPad at the appropriate times.

Weather-fax is great at giving you a global picture of what is going on in the world around you, but the internet and NOAA radio will let you know what is going on around your little town, inlet, of island.

If you are an American sailor and plan to head out into international waters, be sure to familiarize yourself with weather information so that you can be your own weather expert.