Easy Bahamian Mooring

Bahamian mooring is aptly named, as it is a necessary anchoring technique when cruising in the Bahamas. Currents will whip through your anchorage with furry, and cause your anchor to raise up and reset every 6 hours.

To combat this resetting fiasco, all you need to do is set two anchors, one forward and one backward of the yacht. Now, an easy way to do this is to set your bow anchor like you normally would, and then hop into your dinghy with the second anchor. The current will take you away in a straight line from the bow anchor. When you get to the end of your rode, all you need to do is drop the hook and return to the yacht. Now, when the current reverses, the yacht will swing around and begin pulling on the other anchor. This process will repeat itself 4 times a day until you move on to the next beautiful destination.

The strong currents in the Bahamas help you in placing the second anchor. All you need to do is drift along and the current will do all the work for you!

Once the stern anchor is set, the stern rode can be tied off to the main anchor rode and a little more scope let out on the main rode. This will put the junction well below the level of the keel so that as you swing around, you will not foul your keel.