Rock Stacks

Originally, these stacks of rocks were created by local fishermen to indicate places that have good fishing. Tourists saw these stacks of rocks and thought it would be fun to recreate them, causing tourists to then build many arbitrary rock stacks. So many rock stacks have been created on the beaches of the world that they are no longer useable as a fishing marker because you just don't know if it is a "real" rock stack or a "tourist" rock stack. 


That being said, we came across this rock stack on White Cay in the Berry Islands, Bahamas. Obviously this was created by a tourist as it is atop a cliff that overlooks powerful breaking waves. There is no way a fish would be successfully pulled through the surf and up the cliff without working its way off the hook!

Never the less, this rock stack served a different purpose. While created by a tourist, it has taken on a new meaning. Instead of marking a good fishing spot, it now marks a good viewing spot. If it were not for the rock stack, we may not have climbed up to the top of this rocky outcropping to view the splendor that was all around us!