Blue Hole at Hoffman's Cay

Hoffman's Cay is a small island in the Berry Islands, Bahamas. In this small island is a magical experience, a blue hole! 

To get to the blue hole, you first land your dinghy on the beach and then follow the trail through the jungle. The vegetation here is very dense, so you will need to follow the cleared trail. 


Suddenly, you will made a turn and arrive at the splendor of the blue hole! Blue holes are nothing more than sink holes that are filled with water. They can be hundreds of feet deep, and the intensity of their color is astounding. It was very epic to encounter this after having walked through the jungle of vegetation on this island. 


As you approach the cliffs edge, the blue hole becomes even more breath taking! There must be some form of communication to the ocean because we saw a few sea turtles swimming around in the water!


The Bahamas are actually just limestone flats that have been pushed up from the ocean floor. Limestone is what caves are made out of, as it can easily be dissolved and washed away. The sides of this sink hole are lined with caves, stalagmites, stalagtites, and columns.  


This splendid vista was just a short dinghy ride away from where Maddie and I experienced our lovely sunset picnic the night before!