Natural Bottom Cleaning

While in the Bahamas, I noticed that our bottom is staying cleaner than normal. Usually, I need to give our hull a quick scrub down with a soft broom every week, and if I stretch it out, to two weeks, there will be fuzzy growth present.

We have now been in the Bahamas for a few weeks, and anchored for most of it. Being anchored and not sailing in warm tropical waters is a recipe for bottom growth, yet our bottom has maintained itself as clean as the day we launched it! 

I couldn't figure out why we were staying cleaner than usual, until one day I noticed a little friend hanging out under the boat. We had collected four remoras and they were eating the beginnings of bottom growth. These fish which are commonly seen attached to sharks and whales had attached themselves to the bottom of our hull and have been acting like natural vacuum cleaners, scrubbing our hull every day.