Keel Art

Bottom painting usually implies smearing a slow release poison onto the bottom of your boat, but for Maddie, it is a moving canvas! 


Last time Maddie painted the mural in topside paint over the bottom paint. It held on well, but so did everything that grows under the sea! In a week, the mural was very fuzzy and required constant scrubbing to keep the hull clean. 

This time, we were planning on doing a new mural, so we picked up some back antifouling paint while we were at the chandilery.  


I tried my luck on the port side, and we quickly learned why Maddie does art and I do teeth and rigging!


At the end of it all, we splashed Wisdom and the mural is now in a place where only the fish can enjoy it (at least until we get to clearer waters)! 


Once we get to the Bahamas, the bottom will be much easier to see! 

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