Dealing with People (that you don't want to deal with)

While cruising, you will encounter all different types of people. You will see the mega yacht that is hemoraging money to stay afloat, and you will see the derelict that miraculously is still floating! 

When you begin to cruise on the cheaper side of life, you will use public amenities, such as dinghy docks and beaches that don't charge. Since it's free, you will also encounter cruisers who would be homeless if it were not for their boat. 

When you get to shore, they will typically come over and ask you for money. They might also be a bit on the crazy end of the spectrum (but aren't all cruisers) and rather annoying to you when they won't stop talking. (If you can't tell, I am a man who greatly enjoys my peace and quiet). 

To avoid being mean to them, because that is not very nice to do to anyone, but still make them leave you alone, I have found a few tricks. 

If they are about to ask you for money, ask them first! They will be taken aback and want you to leave them alone. The end result is that they will hurry away from you. 

If they come over to talk, talk so much that you annoy them and drive them away from you. 

I learned these tricks living in Baltimore, Maryland, where panhandlers and crazy people are everywhere. Luckily, I haven't had to use these tactics all the way down the coast of the United States. That is until we landed in Florida! 

When we got to shore, a guy with facial tattoos of anchors and other designs started coming over to us. He and his girlfriend looked like they were eyeing up our dinghy as we tied up, and kept looking at it as we walked up the pier. 

When we got to shore, I started up a conversation in a very awkward way which caused them to look at me sideways and turn around. They actually sped away because they didn't want to talk with me! 

Then in the grocery store, a man came over to us and started ranting about something while undressing. I agreed with whatever he was very passionate about and then stepped back right as the manager came over to tell him to dress himself.  

Our first landing in this part of Florida has been interesting, but no one pestered us or bothered up. 

Remember, no one wants to be annoyed. If someone is going to come over and annoy you, simply be more annoying so that they want to get away from you!