Haulout After Beaching

It is rather painful to hear that your home needs to be "salvaged" and I hope you never need to go through this. We beached on the coast of Florida and laid in the surf on our port side. The sand rubbed off all our bottom paint and the rudder quadrant broke while we were being pulled off the beach. 


Being towed to the marina, I had many thoughts running through my head about what the bottom might look like and what damage might have been incurred. Thankfully, she is an overbuilt boat and survived this ordeal with only cosmetic damage to the hull!


The keel looks like it has been sandblasted, and the turn of the bilge had scraped through the blue, black, and into the red layer of bottom paint. 


The rudder also had a small crack in it from being over turned after the quadrant had broken. These issues will all be addressed shortly as we prepare to repair our home and continue voyaging in a much more responsible manner.