Baking Bread (without an oven)

Fresh bread is usually thought of as something only found in a local cafe, but you can enjoy the smells and taste of freshly baked bread right from your boat!

If you have an oven, life is easy and you can follow a regular recipe for landlubbers to bake your bread. What if you don't have an oven? Are you forced to a life without the smell of fresh bread?! 

Fear not for you can bake bread on a stove, and even a grill. There are a few simple things to keep in mind when you are baking bread (not in an oven).
First, you need to create an oven-like environment.
Second, you need to generate a lot of heat.
Third, you need to keep the bread from touching the heated surface to avoid scorching and burning. 

After many variations, I have come up with a system (that is still under constant improvement).  

To bake the bread, I use a steaming pot. It has a strainer that sits inside of a big pot, and it has a lid on it. I place the dough in parchment paper in the strainer section, and place the strainer inside the pot.

The pot is then placed on the stove (or grill) with the fire as high as it can be. A high flame will heat up the pot very quickly but will not scorch the bread, as it is just a few inches away from the hot surface in the strainer section.  

The pot, and the air inside the pot will heat up to temperatures that will simulate an oven experience, baking the bread! It might take longer than an oven, and require you to flip the loaf part way through the baking process, but it will give you actual bread that you can use for sandwiches or just to dip in olive oil.