Realizing You Are Far Away

At some point, it will occur to you that you have now sailed really far away from where you started.


This occurred to us when we were in a mooring field in Fort Pierce, FL. We left Baltimore, MD to go cruising in July of 2017; and have been slowly exploring the east coast of the United States as we made our way south. It wasn't until we were tied up to a ball here that it dawned on us how far we have actually come! 

It is the middle of winter and we are sitting on the deck in our in shorts and flip flops as we watch the sun set on the horizon. We had just talked with friends and family back home and they were telling us about how the weather was getting up to the 40F's and going back down to the 30F's at night. It all sunk in that we have made it so far yet our journey has only barely begun! 

This world we live in is amazing and expansive, and what better way to experience it than from the deck of a sailboat.